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October 04, 2021First-Hand Insights into the Region

Program on Law & Society in the Muslim World Associate Director Salma Waheedi contributes two chapters to a new book by Anja Schoeller-Schletter

The Program on Law & Society in the Muslim World’s Associate Director Salma Waheedi contributed two chapters to Constitutional Review in the Middle East and North Africa by Anja Schoeller-Schletter, which was published this month. The chapters are titled Guarantees and Challenges of Judicial Independence: The Constitutional Courts of Kuwait and Bahrain as Case Studies and Islamic Sharia in the Legal Orders of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Ten years after the Arab Spring, many parts of the Middle East and North Africa are struggling with the consequences of armed conflict, a balance of power tilted in favor of the executive and challenges to the rule of law. However, institutions charged with conducting constitutional review have been reformed substantially in most of the countries in those regions. A pioneer effort, this book offers first-hand insights by renowned practitioners and scholars into constitutional review in the Middle East and North Africa, discerning commonalities and differences from a comparative perspective. Structured along selected topics of interdisciplinary relevance—judicial independence, protection of fundamental rights, control of electoral law, and religious law in the constitutional order—the publication highlights the current state of constitutional review in the region: reference models, major developments, challenges and trends.

Anja Schoeller-Schletter is a lawyer and historian focusing on comparative constitutional law in North Africa and the Middle East. She designed the project behind this publication in her capacity as the Head of the Rule of Law Programme Middle East/North Africa in Beirut, Lebanon, a program funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. With contributions by Fawaz Almutairi, Yussef Muhammad Auf, Wissam Benyettou, Nathalie Bernard-Maugiron, Francesco Biagi, Rainer Grote, Gertrude Lübbe-Wolff, Laith K. Nasrawin, Angelika Nussberger, Sufian Obeidat, Robert Poll, Nizar Saghieh, Anja Schoeller-Schletter, Adel Omar Sherif, Rike Sinder and Salma Waheedi.

You can purchase the book via Nomos Publishing, which is among the leading scientific publishers in the German-speaking world in the fields of law, social sciences and the humanities. It also is available to read for online for free.