Lectures & Panels Jerusalem: Insights into a Divided City  Wednesday, 12:15–1:15 pm

A conversation with Mahmoud Muna, Palestinian Jerusalemite writer and analyst widely known as “the Bookseller of Jerusalem,” to discuss newly emerging political and social trends in Jerusalem and how they are radically changing the conflict landscape and its development.

Lectures & Panels Crisis in Sudan: Challenges of Democratic Transformation and Human Rights Tuesday, 11:00 am–12:30 pm EST

A panel of Sudanese experts for a discussion of current developments in Sudan’s recent conflict and challenges of democratic transformation and human rights.  With Adrienne L. Fricke, Nasredeen Abdelbari, Yousra Elbagir, Kholood Khair, and Mutasim Ali.

Lectures & Panels Bring Zack Home: Advocating for the Arbitrarily Detained through Law and Policy 12:30 – 1:15 pm

Zack Shahin's daughter, Meera Shahin, and his lawyer, Rhys Davies, discuss legal strategies and advocacy for his release from detention in the UAE.

Lectures & Panels Refugee Camps in the Global South as an Instrument of Global Refugee Containment: A Conversation with Professor Ralph Wilde Monday, 12:15-1:15 pm

Many critics of camps as violations of human rights law call for the durable solution of host-state integration to be implemented. This presentation argues that such approaches are misconceived when they ignore the link between containment in camps and global-containment, and the role of international law in enabling the latter.