The Program on Law and Society in the Muslim World at Harvard Law School will award a prize of $1,000 annually to the Harvard Law Student writing the best paper on the topic of law and society or law and social change in a Muslim majority or minority context. Papers eligible for consideration will be ones written during the current academic year at Harvard Law School.


PLSMW Writing Prize Recipients

2024 - Lorenz Dantes ’24

“Islamic Law Principles as Basis for Migrants’ Right to Diplomatic Asylum”

2023 - Fady Khoury ’23

Fady Khoury S.J.D. 2023

“Constitutional Design in Divided Societies: Historical Formations, Power-Sharing and Courts –The Case of Lebanon”


2022 - Megha Mehta ’22

Megha Mehta, LL.M. 2022

“Reposing ‘Faith’ in Gender Equality: Mapping the Consequences of the Sabarimala case for Religious Freedom and Gender Equality in India.”

2021 - Shaiba Rather ’21

Shaiba Rather, J.D. 2021

“From Domicile to Dominion: The Settler Colonial Agenda in Kashmir”

2019 - Opeyemi Rabiat Akande ’19 & Daniel Levine-Spound ’19

Opeyemi Rabiat Akande, S.J.D. 2019

“Navigating Entanglements: Contestations over Religion-State Relations in British Colonial Northern Nigeria, c. 1890 – 1977”

Daniel Levine-Spound, J.D., 2019

“The Colonial Roots of Tunisia’s Criminalization of Homosexuality”