Sahar Aryaee head shot

Sahar Aryaee Scholar at Risk

Sahar Aryaee is a Scholar at Risk at Harvard Law School. She is a lawyer, legal researcher, and human rights activist from Afghanistan. Her work focuses on the rights of women and girls, Afghan family law, gender inequality, and Hazara minority rights in Afghanistan. She worked previously with the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Ministry of Justice, and collaborated with Afghan civil society and international NGOs in providing legal aid and advising on legal and justice sector reform across Afghanistan. Following the takeover by the Taliban, Sahar, like many Afghan women, was prohibited from continuing to work and later was able to come to the United States as a Scholar at Risk. Her research at Harvard Law School focuses on girls right to education in Afghanistan. She holds an MA in Public Law from Swiss UMEF of Afghanistan and a BA in Law and Political Science from Kabul University.