Front cover of the legislative analysis of H.R. 4879 report

  • Representative Steve King drafted the Protect Interstate Commerce Act (“PICA”), in part, to target a California law regarding the housing of egg-laying hens, but its reach would be much broader.
  • PICA rewrites longstanding dormant Commerce Clause jurisprudence to expand the scope of federal preemption of state and local agricultural laws concerning traditional agricultural products, but would also affect numerous non-target products that contain trace amounts of agricultural products.
  • PICA would prevent state or local governments from regulating an agricultural product except to the extent it is already regulated by federal law and the law of the producing state.
  • The bill’s scope and precise meaning are uncertain, but its impacts will be felt far beyond traditional agricultural commodities.

"Protect Interstate Commerce Act of 2018” H.R. 4879

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You can also download our Index of Laws and Regulations Potentially Preempted by H.R. 4879: the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act of 2018”


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