Erum Sattar Visiting Fellow

Professor and Barrister Dr. Erum Khalid Sattar holds a Doctorate in Juridical Sciences (S.J.D. ’17) from Harvard Law School. She teaches water security and policy, environmental law and water law and development at the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, Northeastern University School of Law, and Tufts University. She is currently helping organize a series of conferences on water security for Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

Broadly, Erum studies the institutional architecture of national and international development and has explored British colonial-era water law and policy and its continuing effects in the Indus River Basin. Her current research is a comparison of the instrumental transformation of water law and property doctrines in 18th and 19th century America, the legal and institutional regimes created by the Moors in Spain and their continuing effects in the American Southwest with the colonial-era regime of water control created by the British in India and modern-day Pakistan. She is exploring these legal and institutional histories for their contemporary relevance at a time of growing stress on shared natural resources. She has recently co-authored a paper comparing the Indus to the Colorado River Basin (forthcoming in the Michigan Journal of Law Reform), Sattar, Erum and Robison, Jason Anthony and McCool, Daniel, “Evolution of Water Institutions in the Indus River Basin: Reflections from the Law of the Colorado River” (available at:

During the PLS Fellowship, she will mainly focus on turning her dissertation into a monograph as well as work on publishing other articles and book chapters stemming from her research.

You can access her papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) at: