Workshops Halal Animals: Food, Faith, and the Future of Planetary Health Jan. 29, Feb. 4, Feb. 5

This manuscript workshop for Kristen Stilt, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and also Faculty Director of the Animal Law & Policy Program and Director of the Program on Law and Society in the Muslim World, for her book project, Halal Animals: Food, Faith, and the Future of Planetary Health. Organized by Justin Marceau, University of Denver.

Lectures & Panels, Workshops Islamic Feminism and the Quest for Gender Equality 12:00-13:00

Sarah Marsso and Janna Rumminger lead this workshop in our Gender, Law, and Society Series exploring Islamic feminism and the contributions of feminist scholars challenging patriarchy in the Muslim legal traditions.

Lectures & Panels, Workshops Domesticating the Holy: Women’s Movements and Struggles over Jerusalem’s Sacred Space 12:00-13:00

Lihi Ben Shitrit, Research Fellow at the Belfer Center’s Middle East Initiative, speaks on the gendered dimensions of intercommunal disputes over Jerusalem.

Lectures & Panels, Workshops Religious Fundamentalism and its Gendered Impact in Myanmar 12:00-13:00

Burmese Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Esther Htusan discusses the gendered impact of the rise of religious fundamentalism and populist nationalism in Myanmar.